Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts - Professional Training for Everyone
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts - Professional Training for Everyone

"When researching schools, I kept hearing the same comments from former students and industry professionals alike: The Revere Academy employs the best staff, uses the best tools and offers the most comprehensive program anywhere. The marriage of theory and demonstrations, with an emphasis on immediate practice, suits my visually- oriented learning style. The school's streamlined learning process is administered by an all-star cast of professionals who offer insight harvested from accomplished careers."


Jared Holstein
Graduate Jeweler
New York, NY

The Academy’s brand new, fully equipped, state-of-the-art jewelery studios feature live, wide-screen HD video enlargements so that students can see every detail.

Our studio features European-style jeweler’s benches for each student with a torch, flexible shaft machine and individual set of hand tools. Plus, students enjoy use of the rolling mill, forming stations, anvils, vices, flattening hammer, ring sizer, dapping blocks and punches, shears, mandrels, grinders, polishing machine, steam cleaner, ultrasonic machine, magnetic tumbler, and more.

Our classroom features individual stations with a flexible shaft machine and an engravers block for each student. This room is also outfitted with centrifugal and vacuum casting machines, kilns, grinders, mold presses, metalsmithing stations, annealing stations, polishing machines, and lathes as needed.

Various classes are also equipped with a blasting unit, electroplating unit, a hydraulic press, and more.

The school lobby offers lockers for each student, a refrigerator, and microwave. Chilled water is available down the hall. Bring your own lunch and re-usable cup or bottle to help us save our planet's valuable resources.

Panoramic view of the studio
Instructor's bench
Sink with fume hood, pickle pot, steamer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, and magnetic tumbler
Polishing machine and grinder
70' HD TV to enlarge instructor demos
Student benches, forming station, and rolling mill
Instructor's bench, stump with anvil, and student benches
Panoramic view of the classroom
Grinders, fume hood and student work stations
Instructor and student work stations