California Jeweler's Scholarship

San Francisco's Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts is offering a new scholarship for a jeweler working in the State of California. This is a great opportunity for a bench jeweler who would like to learn new skills and refine old ones. The California Jewelers Scholarship is open to anyone employed as a jeweler in the state. The winner receives free tuition for any regularly scheduled class. Jurors are looking for work that is professional and creative.

The application calls for 10 images (please identify your role in creating each piece, ie. design, fabrication, setting) and a short essay question of 50 words or less "Why would you like to attend the Revere Academy?"  "I am pleased that we can offer this scholarship," said Alan Revere, the school's founder. "It is important for craftspeople and artists to constantly develop their skills and add new techniques to their repertoire. Here is a chance to do that on us!"

Entry Fee: None

Eligibility: Must be a bench jeweler working in California.

How to Apply:  Online application at (CAFE). Registration on CAFE is required. 

Deadline: April 1, 2015



The Revere Academy would like to thank these contributors for their generous donations to the Education Fund:

Carol Webb, Patricia Tschetter, Laura Lazarus, Kathy Wade, Amber Marie Bently, Jonathan Alkema, Felipe Hernandez, Tricia Young, Greg Sarson, Tina Goodrich, Barbara Smith Gemstones, King's Ransom Pearls, Marne Ryan, Glenda Ruth, Barbara Bechtel, Jyoti McCall, AVS Gem Stones, Dynamic Energy Crystals, Atty Tantivit, Falcher Fusager, Sara Smith, Naohiro Yamada, Diane Almeyda, Arline Fisch, John Cogswell, Harold O'Connor, Cynthia Eid, Gabriele Pauly and Hans-Ulrich Pauly, L.J. Davis Designs, Diane Barnes, Andy Cooperman, Linda Darty, Felix Stussi, Kent Raible, Harlan Butt, Michael Good, Bernd Munsteiner, Jonathan Falkema, Richard Cybulski, Lourdes Rufina-Maceda, Fabrizio Acquafresca, James Binnion, Pamela Bassel, Claudia Rush, Sarah Breivis, Bernandine Wang, Christine Halaburka, Tony Brown of A. L. International Gems, Sophie and Robert Berzof of RHB Enterprise, Linda Lamb, and Kathleen Power Johnson.