Carved Bezels: Ring & Pendant


March 20-22, 2017

3 days, 9am - 6pm

$539 + $60 kit


Instructor: Michael David Sturlin

Bezels can be far more than just a band of metal enclosing a stone. With dividers, a saw frame and files, a bezel can become a skillfully decorated setting. Transform a common thick-walled bezel into an elaborately carved and pierced centerpiece of a jewel. This three-day applied technique workshop focuses on the bezel as a self supporting design element. Learn efficient techniques for forming, soldering and shaping thick bezels, followed by precision layout and execution of sawn and carved designs. This technique opens the way to limitless applications by articulating bezels into prongs, tabs, channels, and serrated and scalloped patterns, complemented by a forged ring shank and carved pendant bail. This is an intermediate level class. Experience soldering, sawing and filing is expected.

Prerequisite: Fabrication 3 or experience.  24 hours