Chasing & Repoussé

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$399 + $75 kit


Instructor: Davide Bigazzi

Chasing and Repoussé are two techniques that belong together. In this traditional metal forming technique, large punches are used to puff out the back and then small “chisels” are used to define shapes and add detail. Take this opportunity to learn these ancient techniques from an Italian-trained master silversmith. The fluid and dimensional qualities achieved can be a captivating and dramatic addition to your work. This class focuses on understanding and then utilizing the plasticity of metal to create designs in bas-relief. Traditional techniques and an overview of tools and materials are presented in an Italian cultural and historical perspective. Watch frequent demonstrations, execute a series of graduated projects and immerse yourself in the age-old process of working metal. 

Prerequisite: Fabrication 1 or experience. 

Download a PDF of the tool list for this class.