Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts - Professional Training for Everyone
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts - Professional Training for Everyone
Diploma Programs

The Revere Academy has been approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education of the State of California to grant Diplomas and Certificates. The Council's approval guarantees that the institution and its operation comply with the standards established under the law for occupational instruction by private postsecondary education institutions.

Jewelry Technician Diploma

The Academy's Jewelry Technician (JT) Program has been designed to give you all of the essential skills to make jewelry. Whether you plan to seek employment, create your own jewelry, or just want professional-level training, this program is the right place to start.  Graduates receive a Jewelry Technician Diploma and may prepare for certification as a Jewelers of America (JA) Bench Jeweler Technician (optional).

There are 11 Required Jewelry Technician Classes that are offered twice a year in our Open Session. Most classes are 24 hours over 3 days.


Fabrication 1

Fabrication 2

Fabrication 3

Polishing & Finishing

Repair 1

Repair 2

Setting 1

Setting 2

Setting 3

or Setting 4

in place of Setting 1-3

Trade Practices

The Jewelry Technician Program can be completed two ways. You can take classes individually, at your own pace, during one or more semesters of our Open Session. Or as an alternative, for those who want total immersion, the 8-week Jewelry Technician Intensive is ideal.

Jewelry Technician Intensive (JTI) Diploma

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The Jewelry Technician Intensive program combines the 11 JT Classes into one full-time 8-week course. The two-month Jewelry Technician Intensive (JTI) Program, led by Alan Revere, is the most effective way to build the skills and confidence to succeed as a bench jeweler.


Added benefits for Intensive Students:

  • Personal instruction with Alan Revere
  • Introduction to hand engraving
  • Guest speakers: designers, bench jewelers and manufacturers
  • Studio access on evenings and weekends
  • Additional 85 hours of working Studio time compared to the Jewelry Technician Diploma

Class meets for 8 hours each day, Monday through Friday and includes a minimum of 2 hours open studio time to practice what you learn. The optional JA Bench Jeweler Certification exam (level 1) is held after the Intensive. Prerequisite: Fabrication 1 or experience.


Which Diploma Program is right for you?

Jewelry Technician

Jewelry Technician Intensive

Graduate Jeweler

Tuition: $5,635

Tuition: $7,650

Tuition: $13,125 if taken with JTI $11,110 if taken with JT

Material Kit Fees: $810

Material Kit Fees: $810

Material Kit Fees: $1625

Required Tools: $499

Required Tools: $529

Required Tools: $1074

Prerequisite: None

Prerequisite: Fab 1 or experience

Prerequisite: None

Hours: 238

Hours: 320

Hours: 545 if taken with JTI

463 if taken with JT

Diploma Earned: Jewelry Technician

Diploma Earned: Jewelry Technician

Diploma Earned: Graduate Jeweler

Prices for classes, materials, and required tools subject to change without notice.


Graduate Jeweler

The Graduate Jeweler program is for those who want a complete experience in jewelry. It is ideal for designers, entrepreneurs and those serious about a career with the potential to grow in many areas. The program includes everything in the Jewelry Technician course plus 11 more classes for a total of 22 classes.

Course work can be completed either by taking either the Jewelry Technician Intensive (JTI) or Jewelry Technician programs followed by the additional 11 required classes in the Open Session. This allows students the option to complete the Graduate Jeweler Program in as little as 6 months or over multiple Open Sessions or years. Upon completion, students receive a Graduate Jewelry Diploma as well as preparation for certification as a JA Bench Jeweler (Level 2).

Fabrication 4

Fabrication 5

Fabrication 6

Gemology 1

Gemology 2

Jewelry Design

Mold Making


Setting 5


Wax Modeling