Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts - Professional Training for Everyone
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts - Professional Training for Everyone
JA Certification

“Before I came to Revere, I had a passion and excitement for creating, but I did not have the skills I needed to make jewelry. The knowledge of the instructors, the
organized curriculum and the attitude of my fellow classmates provided the best possible atmosphere for learning the skills I need to make my ideas become reality. I look forward to earning a living working at something I am passionate about.”

Eric Harman
Graduate Jeweler
Huntington, IN

The Jewelers of America Bench Jeweler Certification is a national certification exam. The exam is optional, but recommended for those who seek employment in the jewelry industry after graduation. It tests your ability to repair jewelry, set stones, and perform basic fabrication techniques.

The Revere Academy participated in the development of these tests. Our Diploma Programs are intended to provide the training needed to prepare candidates for testing at the first two levels. The Jewelry Technician Diploma Program leads beginners through a training curriculum in preparation for the first level of testing–JA Certified Bench Jeweler Technician. The Graduate Jeweler Diploma Program prepares students for the second level, JA Certified Bench Jeweler.