Creating Custom Bezels

Ring; pendant- front, side & back


October 6-8, 2017

3 days, 9am - 6pm

$539 + $60 kit


Instructor: Nancy Wintrup

Do you have stones you love that you've not set because you're just not sure how to make an appropriate bezel? Stones with unusual shapes, straight sides, uneven tops, and bezels set on top of the curved surface of a ring, require additional knowledge and creative solutions to design and fabricate. This class will teach you how to approach making custom bezels for these stones. Bring your nonstandard stones to class or purchase some from the instructor, and watch while Nancy Wintrup demonstrates methods for fabricating unique bezels and setting the stones that had you perplexed.  You will complete at least two class projects. Prerequisite: Fabrication 2 or experience. 24 hours.

Download a PDF of the tool list for this class.