Green Jewelry

Revere Goes Green!

Ever since the school began almost four decades ago, Alan Revere has been highly aware of the environmental impact of jewelry work. From the start he has encouraged students to be mindful of safety, health and the environment, beginning with little things like using cloth rags instead of paper towels, marking paper cups for re-use and providing recycling bins in the lobby. Over the years we have become greener and greener. We now use 100% recycled paper, for copies and paper towels. We purchase 100% recycled precious metal sheet and wire from Hoover and Strong. Our brochure is printed on 50% recycled paper with 25% post-consumer content using soy-based inks in a Certified Green Business printing facility. We also ask our students to do their part, and when they are finished with their brochure, to pass it on to a friend.

We have also added recycling bins in each classroom and compost bin in the kitchen area. Being green is an evolving process. It means we constantly have to analyze our business practices and look for ways we can improve.

Revere offered the first Green Jewelry class in the country, taught by Christine Dhein, to help our students learn how to green their own jewelry businesses.