Focused on Engraving

Engraving is a focused activity.  Holding the graver – the cutting tool – feels awkward at first.  I was worried, again, about my hand.  My first instinct was just to dig away at my piece of copper. Then, I listened to our teacher and realized that the light touch creates engraving.  It's not the wrist, or even the arm.  It's the back and shoulders.  I can do this!   All these fears about my wrist seem to be falling away as I learn the proper techniques.

It’s funny about what skills different people are drawn to in jewelry. Students in my class seem to either love or hate engraving.  Me? I love it. What seemed like it would be tedious and exacting is actually kind of magical and meditative. I could literally do it every day.


Alan Revere sharpening a graver before a demonstration.

A proper grip is the key.