It's All Sinking In Now ...

Ideas sit on top of your head. Sheet silver must be flat when soldering to another sheet. Yeah. Yeah. Got it. Hard solder goes on first, then medium, then easy. O.K. Look for the meniscus, or for the line of silver. 

When struggling with my brooch project (which I like and want to wear!), my soldering failed several times. Pieces fell off. I re-soldered. Others fell off. Front. Back. Front. Back. 

In all of the excitement and business of this class, knowledge is starting to penetrate to a level below the surface. Today, I calmed down. I reviewed my notes. I consulted with a fellow student. I told myself that I wasn't a bad craftsman. I just needed practice.  I did a few practice runs with copper. 

Here are my practice pieces and my brooch, still unfinished, but soldered.