Jewelry Technician Intensive (JTI) Day 1

Twenty-three students from Russia, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam and I (from Minnesota) assembled in a downtown San Francisco school.  We briefly described our journey to get here, and talked about our common love of metals and jewelry.  We're all nervous and excited!  Our two teachers, Revere Academy's founder, Alan Revere and Nancy Wintrup are keenly aware that most of us are in a strange town starting a new life! Like they’ve done with hundreds of student before us, they worked to set us at ease and start us on our exciting journey. And we didn’t waste any time. We jumped right in!

I've wondered often how many steps it took to make a casting mold. The answer? many!  Nancy made it seem manageable and logical.  We injected vulcanized molds with wax, and I'm so looking forward to seeing my ring!


The mystery of tools started becoming clearer as well, as Alan discussed them with us in detail. New items I didn't understand, such as a broach set, machinist scraper, and leather-lined pliers became familiar.



Tomorrow: casting!