Pavé Season?

There's no way around it: learning to handle a graver and learning star, flush and pavé setting is tough.  But, it's also beautiful, fascinating and a little hypnotic!  Handling the graver becomes comfortable with some practice. It's learning the light touch that is a difficult part for me, but it starts feeling more natural the more you do it.

Nancy told us a great story about the timeline for learning pave using our instructor Roberta Tanaka’s learning curve as an example. 

Roberta wanted to learn pavé so she decided that while her husband was watching football she would go in the workshop and practice. She practiced two hours, every Sunday for 15 weeks during football season.  Of course, Roberta says she’s still perfecting her technique but it was during that football season that she became comfortable with her skills.

I've included a few images of Roberta’s work. It looks like her practice paid off.