My Last JTI Post

My jewelry has often been hit or miss.

When I've made an imperfect piece, I either gave the jewelry to friends or have worn it myself. Although I've known how to saw, drill, solder and polish, I've also relied on luck to get good pieces.

I've improved these basic skills quite a lot in the past two months, but almost more valuable, I've gained what I call a "judgement floor."  It's my base.  It's knowing how the metals act and react, perfecting layout of a pattern so multiple pieces will actually match, knowing the order in which things should be done and how each step should look.

Yesterday some fellow students were admiring two pins I did long ago.  The rivets are in exactly the right places.  I told them, "These were done on a lucky day.  I've never been able to reproduce them."  

Now, with my digital caliper and my judgement floor, I don't have to wait for a lucky day. Every day is my lucky day.

This is my last blog - the competition of JTI - but my new beginning as a jeweler.