Enameling: Cloisonné & Painting with Linda Darty

Cloisonné by Linda Darty

Cloisonné by Linda Darty


August 14-18, 2017

5 days, 9am - 5pm

$999 + $80 kit


Instructor: Linda Darty

Explore shading and painting techniques in enamel as you learn to work with delicate, subtle shading or bold and vibrant colors.  Using a variety of wet enameling techniques, students will explore cloisonné or limoge on copper and fine silver.  The focus of demonstrations will be blending and creating richly colored surfaces by wet inlaying transparent enamel with or without cloisonné wires, and using painting techniques that include underglazes, pencils, chalks, watercolors and china paints. Metalwork with enameling and simple setting techniques will be discussed.  All levels are welcome and students can focus on the techniques they like most. 35 hours.