Criss-Cross Short-Cuts – Making a Florentine Graver File


Ordinarily, jewelers use the cutting face of a highly sharpened Florentine graver to apply a standard overlapping Florentine finish. But here's a neat trick for adapting the graver to work in a new way. It is excellent for applying this finish to wedding bands or other curved surfaces.

Take a separating disc and cut a series of about six to seven parallel grooves across the belly of a Florentine graver, toward the handle end. Each groove leaves sharp edges, which will act like multiple cutting faces of a graver.

Now use the belly of the graver to "file" over the surface to be engraved, at an angle of 45* to the side of the ring. Go back and forth, making parallel marks on the entire band, as you move the tool along to the next area. Then come back at 90* for the overlapping cuts...all made with your new Florentine graver-file.