Shaping Up: Customized Rubberized Abrasive Wheels


Rubberized abrasive wheels come in several different compositions, shapes, and sizes, just as there are millions of differently shaped jewelry objects that need finishing. To ensure you have he best match, you should begin with the shape closest to what you need - and then customize it. 

By holding rubberized abrasive wheels against a file, you can shape them to fit any object. If you need to get into a very small space to clean up a solder seam, place the wheel in a flex-shaft and hold it against the cuts near the tang end of a file, which is seldom-used. Step on the pedal, and you can grind the wheel to a needle-sharp point.

Or maybe you just set several small tubes with diamonds, and you want to finish them so that they all look identical. Hold the end of a rubberized abrasive cylinder against a ball bur, shape it into a concave form, and place it over the tube setting. You can then reshape it as necessary for the rest of the settings. 

There are as many different shapes are there are clean-up operations; you're limited only by your imagination.